surgery - vascular surgery
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When surgery can't be avoided...
  • vein stripping
    Vein stripping is the surgical/operative removal of superficial varicose veins.
  • laser treatment
    Endoluminal laser treatments close varicose veins from the inside. Narcosis is not needed.
  • miniphlebectomy
    Microsurgical removal of varicose veins considering esthetic standpoints.
  • varicose vein operation according to
  • liposuction
    Liposuction can correct body contours; it is not suited for weight reduction.
  • eyelid corrections
    (upper and lower palpebra)
  • plastics of the abdominal wall

All operations are performed according to the most recent proven procedures in our operating room which is equipped to meet highest scientific standards.

Our modern patient rooms offer the calm and relaxation for a quick recovery from the operation.

For us, individual personal solutions are not an exception, but got without saying!



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